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to iron or to stitch on
For changing colour or size please send a request.

This patch should only be used for private purposes.

Ironing Instructions

The iron-coated Patch is possible on cotton fabrics with an iron.
1. First, you should carefully perform a test on your textile strap.
2. pre iron The point where the badge is to be fitted well (bring on temperature).
3. Place the badge to the desired position and to protect your embroidery a slightly damp cloth between patches and iron set.
4. With the strong iron at about 135 ° C temperature for 20-30 seconds Patch iron, give iron tip some pressure.

Note: Please consider all information provided without guarantee, since we are not known to us Processes in the iron and mechanical equipment can not exert any influence. All values are mean values and have to thickness and the thermal transmittance be adapted to the substance. They can vary between temperature and time. An increase in temperature permits a shorter ironing time. When used correctly, your laundry is washable up to 50°C.