Welcom at www.Patchdevil.com the specialist for all your embroidered badges and patches

Welcom at www.Patchdevil.com the specialist for all your embroidered badges and patches


You can order from only small quantities and in high quality embroidered patch with us from your own motif. We are a company with 15 years of experience in design, production and processing. Latest embroidery techniques and software for processing high-quality materials are standard for us. In our thredcatalog you will find a wide selection of embroidery threads. We use only high quality embroidery threads company Fenara for a clean stick figure. We are happy to provide you with a free quote for your embroidery badge. Please send us an email to only info@patchdevil.com or simply use the inquiry form. Our friendly customer service will contact you shortly.


See for yourself the quality of our patch. Just order a patch from our range. Our Patchdevil costs in our store only 1, - EUR is embroidered in best quality and easy to iron on or sew.


The minimum order quantity for own themes is 6 pieces per design and color scheme. For very complex designs, it may happen that the rest only in larger numbers is possible that then needs to be examined and decided individually.



The graphic should have a high resolution and have no more than 5MB. As a vector graphics format is always the ideal format. Of course, we also accept all other popular formats, such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF ............. If there are no graphic them, try the patch as best we can to describe. We often get photos as templates for embroidered patches, pictures can be not processed as a template, the shades and gradients. A photo must be then please fashioned as a graphic and submitted as such with us. The data on the size of the patches be very happy times forgotten, so please always specify with. Size information can in millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm) or inches (inch) are made. Please do not forget the unit of measurement of the information. The maximum of patches is 50cm x 30cm. In the form of patches everything is permitted, which falls within the size of 50cm x 30cm.
At the fonts we want to refer to the website www.dafont.com. Please contact your fonts, make sure that it could be illegible in very small written words.


In the created patch specially for you motive can be expected with a delivery time of approximately 3-4 weeks from receipt of payment. If you need the patch to a desired date, let us know this appointment necessarily in the inquiry, so that can be looked to see whether a delivery of the patch is possible at the desired date.


The iron-coated Patch is possible on cotton fabrics with an iron.
1. First, you should carefully perform a test on your textile strap.
2. pre iron The point where the badge is to be fitted well (bring on temperature).
3. Place the badge to the desired position and to protect your embroidery a slightly damp cloth between patches and iron set.
4. With the strong iron at about 135 ° C temperature for 20-30 seconds Patch iron, give iron tip some pressure.
Note: Please consider all information provided without guarantee, since we are not known to us Processes in the iron and mechanical equipment can not exert any influence. All values are mean values and have to thickness and the thermal transmittance be adapted to the substance. They can vary between temperature and time. An increase in temperature permits a shorter ironing time. When used correctly, your laundry is washable up to 50°C.

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